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Feel empowered in the kitchen!

I will help you create a simple, healthy, easy to follow guide to organizing your kitchen space customized for you and your needs! This program is easy to follow, will include grocery lists, cater to your dietary needs and preferences, reach all your goals, and allow you to take advantage of my favorite food discounts.

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  1. Free Discovery Call (link to calendar booking page)

  2. Initial Consultation

  3. Follow up sessions 


  • Healthy kitchen/pantry makeover

  • Grocery Store Guide

  • Copy of my “Black Book” of healthy food brands, self/personal care items, household items and discounts 

  • Unlimited access to me via email. 

  • Custom meals plans and shopping lists, recipes, supplement recommendations, book recommendations, self care practices, exercise and workout plans & so much more!

Image by Scott Warman
Image by Ello


  • What foods are best for YOU

  • How to stock your kitchen/pantry

  • Grocery shop & meal prep like a pro!

  • Create easy, delicious & healthy meals

  • Create a healthy lifestyle

  • Heal your gut- say bye to bloating, constipation & digestive issues

  • How to balance your hormones & period

  • Incorporate movement into your daily routine that builds muscle and leaves you feeling strong and energized 

  • Heal adrenal fatigue & burn out

  • Get rid of brain fog and improve your mental health 

  • Improve you sleep

  • And so much MORE!

A healthy you starts in the kitchen!

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